Jonah's By Chef Willi – story of a bistro

A bistro terrace lounge that offers you a fine mix of things. A place where you could hang-out with friends on weekend or relish some good Pizzas and Pasta.

The staff and chefs at Jonah’s are all handpicked and trained by chef Willi. And, you could evidently see that in their hospitality. The place also boasts a fully functional family fine dining experience in a calm and comfy environment made a floor just below the lounge.

So if you are up for a grub or want to spend that lazy weekend chilling, they have it sorted.
Here are some of the best picks and my favorites from Jonah’s By Chef Willi:

Prawn wrapped blanket: Perfectly seasoned prawns wrapped with bacon, layered up with spring roll sheets and tempered to its best. Perfect to start things up.

Talking about their range of pizzas, you could try the American cheese pizza loaded with mozzarella, pesto sauce, roasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and onions. Balanced flavors and the added Italian seasoning made it a relish.

Up for an appetite, you could go ahead with one of their platters and choose yours.

Sitting at the bar, I saw one of the owner was experimenting a new cocktail. A very humble man, he asked me if I would like to try it and how do I like my drinks. I said that I too love to experiment with my drink and would love to try some old school rum.

We named the drink after him. So next time if you are at Jonah’s you could ask for the house’s special.

PS: The brownies are to fall in love with.

Till then keep exploring and sharing for the love of food.

- Tejas


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