SodaBottleOpenerWala celebrates 3rd anniversary with Parsi Wedding Food ‘Lagan nu Bhonu’

Irani chaai and bun maska are known for the legendary taste and have made their mark across the country.

Residents best termed as ‘Mumbaikars’ count this as top of the list when it comes to their love for Aamchi Mumbai. Irani cafes and bakeries also have age-old stories of taste and perfection, preserving recipes through centuries.

Lagan nu bhonu is the special wedding thali served at traditional Parsi marriages. SBOW takes pride in completion of their 3 years, here are few delicacies that you cannot miss out at SBOW.

Macchi no Cutlet: Finely minced and fried ‘macchi no cutlet’ is a balanced combination of grounded spices and tender fish meat melting in your mouth. The flavors will resonate for a long time in your mind afresh.

Gos no Sas: Gos no sas is a white gravy mutton preparation. It’s got the basic flavor of mildly cooked curd with local spices and dipped boneless mutton pieces. Too much divinity with every bite of this dish.

Masala ni Daar: This was a simple homemade dal preparation. Tuwar lentils cooked with the khada masalas and red chilly powder. It was nicely made to go well with the meal.

Chicken Pulao: What you see is what you don’t get. Yes, you see a bed of aromatic long grained rice with some caramelized fried onions atop. What’s hidden deep within is the secret. Slow cooked flavorful chicken piece which just tantalizes your taste buds and you keep longing for more. True foodgasm does exist.

Chutney Eeda na Pattice: This is a shallow-fried cutlet with a boiled egg in the middle, and mashed patata’s and chutney surrounding it. Tastes so amazing that you can’t eat just one.

These were the top 5 mains from the bhonu. Otherwise, Rotli (chapathi), Vengna na achar, lagan na achar, kachumbari & papad also made their place on the plate. The meal would’ve been incomplete without them definitely.

To end this luscious meal, the plum cake with brandy sauce served in a shot glass worked well to suffice the sweet tooth. Not a very fancy one, but yet tasty.

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