Delve into classic Italian Risotto at Ottimo, ITC Gardenia

The history of risotto can be linked back to the history of rice in Italy. While there are various beliefs on the historical intricacies, rice was first introduced to Italy and Spain by the Arabs during the Middle Ages.

It was in Milan where the rice met its delicious destiny. Slow-cooking also dominated the culinary landscape of the region. The slow-cooking principles were combined with the local rice, emphasising the rich flavours, and spices. Even now the dish is still built around the same core components: rice, stock (usually chicken), onions, butter, wine, parmesan and saffron.

There are many different risotto recipes with different ingredients, but they are all based on rice of an appropriate variety, cooked in a standard procedure.

Chef Zohair, Junior Sous Chef at Ottimo comprehends the importance of ingredients and with method cooking, intricate techniques and skill knows what goes into making a Risotto perfect and will leave a lasting impression in every guest’s palate.

Indulge in delicacies like Risotto Con Topinambur Salvia E Parmigiano (Risotto with Jerusalem artichoke, sage butter and parmigiano) from Piedmont; Stinco D’agnello Alla Milanese Con Risotto Croccante E II Suo Midollo (Saffron Risotto, with lamb shank, marrow crumble and lemon gremolata) from Lombardia and Risotto Al Frutti Di Mare Con Morbidoni Di Calamari (Black ink risotto with seafood and squid dumpling) from Veneto amongst many others.

Some of the top picks were:

Double Chicken Risotto With Crusted Spicy Chicken
A prefect Italian preparation, made with chicken stock, chicken thighs, parmesan cheese and arborio rice. Goes well as a main course dish best paired with red wine.

Saffron Risotto With Lamb Shank, Marrow Crumble And Lemon Gremolata
Lamb shanks have become a popular fixture on enus today. The tender lamb meat paired with rich aromas of saffron and merged with creamy blend of rice ad cheese.


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