MTR takes a healthy spin on ready to cook idli, vermicelli and more

MTR is a renowned name when it comes to South Indian delicacies. It stands tall as an Indian heritage brand and is known for the wide range of spices and condiments which make way through our kitchens. Keeping in mind the changing consumer of today, MTR Foods has realigned its product portfolio to resonate with the needs of the Modern consumer.

Be it the metropolitans or sub-urban cities, today everyone is leading a fast paced life. Further, making long hours in the kitchen a rare affair. Also, let’s not neglect the erratic work schedules we bury ourselves into each day. Amongst all this hustle and bustle, we often mess up put eating cycles, habits and prefer binging on street junk food. Here’s where MTR’s range of foods come handy as a savior. With a wide array of healthy and nutritional packed food, MTR provides an wholesome experience to the generation today.

The ready to cook beetroot idli & spinach vermicelli options just steal the show with the nutrition quotient balanced with authentic flavors. Easy & instant to prepare, these 2 are the showstoppers for a yummy & healthy delight. One can either make it with the instructions and recipes shared on the
packets or add their own culinary skills to make it a customized & healthier meal for themselves.

Here’s my spin to the recipe on MTR Spinach Vermicelli:

1. Dry roast the vermicelli as instructed on the pack.
2. Roast some peanuts and pulses of your choice and keep aside.
3. Pour in some oil into a pan, add mustard seeds and curry leaves once the oil is hot.
4. Add some chopped onions, saute until golden brown.
5. Add fresh cut vegetables (like carrot, potato, green pea) etc.
6. Add the roasted peanuts and pulses.
7. Sprinkle some garam masala, cumin powder and fry until the vegetables are cooked.
8. Add the roasted vermicelli, finally add water and cook for 10 more minutes on low flame.

Yummylicious MTR spinach vermicelli is ready to be served.
Till then keep eating, keep exploring and keep sharing for the love of food.


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