ITC Gardenia celebrates International Chef’s Day with a local twist

ITC Hotels has been known to bring a fine touch of authentic local flavours in their food and hospitality. And their guests indulge in a unique affair every time. Building on the same notion they are celebrating the International Che’f Day with an amazing local twist.

The promotion ends on 25th Oct 2016 and if you haven’t explored this, here is your chance to experience some of the best food delights from Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh at Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia.

During a dialogue with one of the managers at ITC, I came across something interesting. Here’s how it goes.

Me: ITC has been serving International cuisines all this while, why the shift?
Manager: Not really.

Me: What do you exactly mean, for the last year or so, there were a bunch of international food festivals?
Manager: Yes, but we have always been local and try to bring to our guests the local flavours from all parts of the Globe.
Me: Oh I see.

Manager: ITC is recognized by its ‘Responsible Luxury’ and we try to bring that even when it comes to food.
Me: Oh! That’s something interesting, celebrating International Chef’s Day with local flavours is a great idea.

Manager; Cheers to our chefs and F&B managers.

Now, Here are some of the amazing dishes you can’t miss:

Alamkodi Chicken: Coming from the regions of Telangana, it’s is mildly spiced preparation that you can have as a starter or even relish it with paratha or rice.

Nati Koli Chicken: An authentic Karnataka delicacy, the flavours hit the right chords of your taste buds and leave you mesmerized. Something you truly can’t miss from the International Chef’s Day spread.

Till then keep eating, keep exploring and keep sharing for the love of food.


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