Can you play table tennis with a mobile phone?

I was surprised as you when I first saw it. Won’t the screen shatter? Will the touch and other sensors work fine as they were before?

Follow the URL to find it yourself Dhoni tests the Lava mobile with Prateik Babbar

In our world everyone is so glued and dependent on their phones; that we cannot even think of a situation where our phone goes down. Building on the same thread, Lava mobiles promise qualities of trust, reliability and build strength in all their phones.

These qualities remind me of my brother and how I unconditionally depend on him. Counting on him no matter what comes up. Our days begin with cooking together and sharing some random thoughts on whatever comes to our heads. Most of the times its food and rest of it revolves around travel, civilisations, music, earth, people and more. All this while, loud music keeps playing in the background, Harsh (my brother) loves music. And weekends are where we revive ourselves with some more great food and great conversations. Why am I saying all this? Because he supports me wherever I go, whatever I do playing his part to the best he could, just like a good trustworthy phone.

If we talk of strength both metal and physical, My brother Harsh ranks out to be a pro in both of them; he is a black belt in karate. He is someone who I can trust on with my eyes closed, same goes with the powerful and robust Lava phones built to be durable, strong and they #NeverLetsYouDown.

With the vision to empower people to do more, to be more. Lava mobile phones are providing power to the hands of every individual to help them become a digitally savvy smart person and excel in all fields of life.

Lava is one of the fastest growing mobile handset companies in India and is known for their affordable handsets, smartphones and tablets. If you look at the range of products they currently manufacture and the pace at which they are innovating, they will soon acquire a huge chunk of the mobile market.

This post is dedicated to my little brother Harsh. My everyday existence depends on you. Thanks for being there.

Till then keep exploring and keep sharing for the love of technology.


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