Shang Palace, Shangri La Bengaluru: Lay your eyes on some amazing Chinese Food

So, last weekend of mine was filled with cups of wine and some historical dialogues from the television series ‘Spartacus’.

Gratitude for the amazing show; and influencing this piece with language forgotten over 3000 years ago. Shangri La has been one close to my heart when it comes to Luxury and Shang Palace towers high among all that stands serving Chinese Food in the city of Bengaluru “I would have loved to call it Capua or Neopolis”. As I talk of the great food, hospitality and experiences, they know how to create one. And, Shangri La is already doing lots to keep the titan high and please Jupiter.

I think that’s enough of Roman shit English and if I keep using the same language you will knock off.
So let’s put thoughts to more pressing concerns and talk of some great food that you can experience at the Shang palace by Shangri La.

Food (on the palate): 3.5
Food (to the eyes): 3.5
Food (thoughts behind): 3
Ambiance: 3.5
Luxury: 4
Operating Slots: 12 Noon to 3 PM, 7 PM to 11:30 PM
Worth for Money: Yes
Must Tries: Prawn Dumplings, Lamb Skewers
Overall Experience: 3.5

The special offerings include Dim Sum’s, Barbeque, Staples and more; here a list of my favs:

Prawn Hargau Dim Sum: Fine texture, delicate on the platter with amazingly balanced flavours, the tender meat compartmentalizes and other elements become prominent making the whole preparation stand out. We had these to our fill and was in high demand.

Radish Rolls of Silk:
I assume this name was influenced by the cocoon of a silk worm. The crispy baked shell and inside a burst of juices and veggies steamed and seasoned to perfection. One of the finest preparations, that came onto the table.

Talking of the barbeques, Shangri La has set-up an all new BBQ section in Shang Palace and serves some amazing non-veg and vegan delicacies including Lamb Skewers, Chicken Wings, BBQ Fish, Oyester Mushrooms and more.

Lamb Skewers: My favourite from the wide range of BBQ’s Shang Palace has to offer. The lamb was cooked to perfection, the spices and the BBQ sauces used of the finest quality adding to the great tasting skewers. Talking to the chef, I discovered that all the BBQ sauce and spices are imported all the way from Beijing to retain authenticity.

Oyster Mushrooms: Something new to me. Although, I am not a great fan of mushrooms and life only some variations and BBQ is not one of them. As the flavours somehow don’t penetrate the mushroom while it was different in this case. A little bit tangy on the platter, oyster mushrooms did steal the show for vegans.

And some fine Chinese fried rice.

There’s still lot to uncover from the hidden secrets of the Shang Palace at Shangri La Hotels Bengaluru. I think the story and food descriptions above are enough to get you motivated to try out the delicacies at Shang.

Till then keep eating, keep exploring and keep sharing for the love of food.


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