Master Class with Chef Shaun Kenworthy at Mustard and Cress, 153 Biere Street

Chef Shaun Kenworthy has earned a lot of repute in the recent times. Known for his unique style of contemporary cooking, he believes in innovative marriage of distinct culinary cultures which is a natural culinary progression, he is truly a culinary jewel of the current era. I feel elated to have shared a cook-off experience with him.

Mustard and Cress is a Californian style organic cafe at 153 Biere Street that’s unique, elegant and offers an experience which will not fade from memories too soon. Far from the city’s hustle, an evening at this property is something you will always cherish. This place keeps coming up in my conversations with fellow bloggers, friends and food lovers.

The master class gave us a feeling alike the MasterChef title competition series. Access to smart cooking appliances, fresh ingredients and chance to learn from a food legend like Shaun, is there something more that a food blogger could ask for?

Mustard and Cress strongholds to the concept of “from seed to table”. They have their own micro gardens which can produce as much as they need for daily specials, rest of it is sourced from local farmer markets.

So here’s what we cooked:

Mustard and Cress house salad, fruits, nuts, seeds, organic honey and micros: 

A highly loaded salad with pretty much all the fruits, packed with vitamins and minerals. Sprinkled with roasted nuts and seeds, assorted micro greens with a drizzle of organic honey; seasoned with some salt and pepper to taste. Rich in antioxidants burst of flavours on the platter, a perfect beginner for this summer.

Lightly curried mixed grain, seafood paella:

All I want you to do is just look at the image below and think of the first word that comes to your head. Mine was “Hallelujah”. Cooked with some yummy red rice, stock and select seafood. We used some basa, prawns and shrimps. Just make sure you cook the rice about two thirds through before you start making the paella.

There’s lot more that I have in stock so stay tuned and keep coming back to look out for more amazing experiences.

Till then keep eating, keep sharing and keep exploring for the love of food.


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