“Life without Mexican food is no life at all” Mexican food festival at Aloft Hotels

I love reading the wiki pages about any cuisine I eat or write about. And, as they say Mexican cuisine is a fusion of American, European and Spanish styles of cooking. The commonly used ingredients include corn, beans, avocados, tomatoes, chilli pepper along with rice, meat and other dairy products. Now, I know why Nachos are an important part of the Mexican table.

Nook at Aloft Hotels Bangalore is an all-day dining restaurant and is known for its food festivals. Chef Sandeep, H.O.D Food and Beverages had hand-crafted the menu for Mexican Food Festival to give a balanced mix of taste and culture from Amuse-Bouche to Mesclun Greens to authentic Mexican Tex Mex.

Let’s look at some of the top preparations from the Mexican Food Festival at Aloft Hotels Bangalore:
**the pictures speak about the goodness and love that went into cooking these delicacies.

Amuse-bouche: Very distinct flavours mixed together in a shot glass. The Gazpacho soup mixed with some tequila, pepper swirl and avocado. During conversations with Chef Sandeep we figured that this amuse-bouche is one of the most common appetizers that will be served at any Mexican home.

Mexican Tex Mex: Loaded with Nachos, Empanadas, Tacos and Quesadillas and a huge selection of Mexican Salsas (Tomato Salsa, Sour Cream, Papaya Bean Salsa and more). Believe me or not, all of us went mad over the Nachos and Salsa dips. Within great flavours, crispy nachos and some amazing conversations we didn’t realize when we knocked off two large tubs of Nachos.

Main Course: We had the authentic chicken mole paired with fish aloe Vera, Shrimps, Quinoa pepper salsa. Looking at the presentation and elements in the dish, I had already started engineering the flavours and what it’s going to taste like. A true top notch experience, every note of the flavours combined was clear and defined.

Dessert: Avocado Mousse, Coconut custard, chilli, chocolate, sea salt, blue berry soil. This was again a master piece from Chef Sandeep and left us feeling like kids just ready to grab their piece of the cake. Every element played a part adding to both the flavour and visual appeal.
A truly Mexican experience I would say as the closing line.

If you missed the Mexican Food Festival, they are currently celebrating the Delhi6 festival.

Till then keep eating, keep sharing and keep exploring for the love of food.


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