Go Bonkers with the new range of munchies from Five Star Chicken

Five Star Chicken is one of the pit-stop for anyone who’s a sucker for fried chicken. The quick-service retail chain is giving a tough time to multinationals like KFC and McDonalds. With over 260 stores in south India and an annual growth rate of 10-15%, it’s clear that they know their stuff really well.

Five Star Chicken has rolled out some excitingly lip-smacking new products and is all set to disrupt the fast food industry. In this current fiery competitive fast food sector; bringing out innovation is the need of hour. Five Star Chicken is turning around the whole new breed of “quick grabs” to go bonkers.

What’s New: They’ve taken the whole idea of “fried” chicken to a roller coaster level. Ever thought you could have variants like Crunchy Masala, Thai Crispy, Hot & Smokey?  Well, Five Star Chicken just made this possible with their thrilling menu on roads.

Moving on, their new range of burgers with tantalizing aroma and a perfect blend of flavors just takes the experience a notch up. Try their Hungry Bird Burger for the chicken lovers or Yummy Veg Burger for the vegans; you’ll definitely relish and want to have more.

If you are not satiated with the chicken love, you can probably look at munching on their Masala Fries. A balanced plate of about right spices, mouth-watering crispy fries to satisfy your taste buds to an extent that you’d wish you could go on and on without feeling full. It’s a “yummy for tummy” treat that awaits coz we all turn out to be the ever greedy lot when fries are concerned. I know everyone would agree.

Till then, keep eating, keep sharing & keep exploring for the love of food.


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