A different outlook to Chinese Food: Chiu Chow Cuisine at The Lantern, Ritz Carlton

So we were having conversation about how, when we talk of Chinese food in India, there are some very popular terminologies which people use even if they don’t know the significance. Some of the top charted ones were ‘Schezwan’, ‘Cantonese’, ‘Hot and Sour’.

Honestly, this is what got my attention to know about the Chiu Chow cuisine. Chiu Chow originated from the Chaoshan region in the eastern province of Guangdong and is known for its healthy seafood and vegetarian dishes. Though Chinese food varies from mildly spiced and greens to heavily spiced combinations of both greens and the reds.

Chiu Chow has a balanced mix of subtle flavours, no coloring agents are added and the food looks clear (literally). Let’s look at some of my fav picks from the Chiu Chow Cuisine at The Lantern.

Food (on the palate): 3.5
Food (to the eyes): 3.5
Food (thoughts behind): 3
Ambiance: 4
Luxury: 3.5
Operating Slots: 12 Noon to 11:30 PM
Must Tries: Pork Buns, Spicy king prawn
Overall Experience: 3.5

Spicy king prawn: Shelled king prawns, golden brown deep fried and tossed with garlic and green pepper. The crisp outer shell and tender meat of the prawn with minimal balanced flavors of garlic and green pepper is what made it stand out.

Chicken Taro Spring Rolls: There’s nothing new or exciting about spring rolls, and its cooking method remains same all across the globe with minor variations. The Seafood and chicken taro spring rolls stand out as they have a distinct balanced flavour of chicken, seafood and taro which is a type of grounded vegetable popular in China.

Baked Barbeque Pork Bun: One dish for which I could visit The Lantern, Ritz Carlton; over and over again. ‘Tender and soft pieces of pork, covered in a soft bun with crispy cookie shell’ is how I could read it on my taste buds. Not to miss the prominence of Char sui flavour adding an extra element of delight to the entire preparation.

Braised Lamb with Garlic Shoot: Minimal select spices like Chinese star anise, cinnamon and bay leaf tangled with lamb and cooked for 2 hours or until the time the meat is tender enough to just melt in your mouth. Sautéed with garlic shoot to add fresh flavours and it’s all set to knock you down.

Chinese Herb Tea with Honey and Cut Fruits: So we were wondering, how could tea be a dessert and were a little sceptical about the preparation. The Chinese herb tea was solidified as jelly and served with honey and fruits. It was something unique and new.

Till then keep exploring, keep eating and keep sharing for the love of food.


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