4 things that make the #RealGoodPremarinatedChicken really good

Chicken is one of the most widely consumed meat across the globe. It has gained popularity and is cooked in many different ways today. The equations of spices and integration of correct seasonings are what makes a dish fabulous. Varying spices, preparation method, cooking time can add different texture and taste.I love slow braised chicken, but in today’s fast moving world you seldom get a chance to involve so much in the kitchen. This is where the #RealGoodPremarinatedChicken comes into picture.

As this hashtag describes the chicken is pre-marinated and therefore you can skip the hassle of getting into the lengthy process and proceed straight to cooking after unpacking it.  When it is so convenient, anybody who loves chicken, would want to use it every day. More so it helps a working individual like me to enjoy a great tasting kebab anytime. This led me to try the #RealGoodChicken by Godrej Tyson and the moment I unpacked it, the aroma of fresh spices and well-marinated chicken was absolutely tempting.

Now here’s the most interesting part. I tried the Malai tikka and the instructions on the pack suggests 2 - 4 minutes on the pan! I was skeptical about it, but to my surprise, the cooking time was really less. If you are trying any other variant like the Tandoori Tikka or the Chicken Kabab, the cooking time would vary from a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 12 minutes.

The chicken was really tender, the flavors prominent and it tasted authentic. If I didn’t tell, you won’t be able to differentiate between the Godrej #RealGoodChicken and the ones you get at a restaurant.

Here’s the specs of the amazing range of chicken from Godrej Tyson:

4 things that make it real good: Authentic taste, fresh healthy chicken, no overpowering preservatives, value for money
Food (on the palate): 4.5
Food (thought behind): 4.5
Cooking time: 3 to 12 minutes
Value for money: Yes
Will I recommend this to others; Yes
Must tries Tandoori Tikka, Chicken Kebabs
Overall Experience 4.5

So next time when you are planning a get-together or throwing a small house party all you need to do is grab some of these and you will have enough time to mingle with your guests rather than being in the kitchen and a spoiler.

Final verdict: (4.5) go for it!! It’s totally worth. I can’t wait to try out the other variations

Till then keep exploring, keep sharing and keep eating for the love of food.

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