Finolex Pipes enables seamless flow of love with #SaathHaiHum

The usual notion when we talk about fields or farming is that ‘it’s a monotonous life’. In reality, the farmers and people in our villages are doing a lot more than just ploughing and watering their fields and are an important part of the growth element.

Here’s an amazing video by Finolex pipes that debunks the myth about farmers and strongly etches how in modern India geographical boundaries no longer decide the fate of an individual. We have a huge disconnect with the people who provide us one of the most important element required for our survival “Food”. And, this video is a gentle reminder that by listening, conversing, communicating & forming the pipe line amongst ourselves we can allow the love to flow #SaathHaiHum.

The video beautifully captures the conversations between people from two different sections, between an engineer working with a huge corporate and a person who teaches digital technology to kids in the village, between a taxi driver and a farmer who has worked in the United Kingdom for 8 years.

Kudos to the Finolex pipes team for believing in the “power of us” and producing this remarkable video. Stop and look at it for a moment, think about it, are you doing what you wanted to do in your life. I was truly moved looking at the spirit of these amazing people who are doing so much more than we could even think of and contributing to make this country a better place to live.

Trying all they could in the resources available, enjoying what they do, and bringing the change at grassroots level. The transformation that’s happening is truly commendable and to take inspiration from. There are enough instances we can cite about people from these small villages achieving great heights and doing great for the country.

India is changing and I am really proud to be a part of this great nation.

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