5 life hacks that a farmer from Gujarat can teach you #SaathHaiHum by Finolex Pipes

I had never thought that I would speak to a farmer. Understand how it feels like to be one, what it takes to grow crops, what influence does modern technologies brings in and more.

Thumbs-up to team Finolex for making it possible and executing this amazing campaign #SaathHaiHum which aims to bring Indians close to each other and allow seamless flow of love. If you missed watching the video in my last post, you can still watch it here. “Finolex pipes - SaathHaiHum

What’s really interesting is the amount of knowledge and wisdom that these folks have.

Here’s a list of 5 life hacks based on my conversation with Alpesh, a farmer from Bharuch, Gujarat. Really Inspiring!!

1. Patience: Growing crops needs patience. You need to treat it like your baby, feed it, take care of it, and ensure that it’s healthy. Having patience in our lives is equally crucial.

2. Self-reliance: No one teaches you how to plough the field or how to water the crop; you need to learn it on your own. Similarly, there are things in life you need to make attempts and learn by yourself rather than hoping that some magic will happen.

3. Hard work: Farming requires a lot of hard work and dedication. To achieve what you want in your life, you need to break boundaries and run that extra mile.

4. Emotions: Crops are sensitive to emotions and will turn pale if you have negativity around. Similarly people in your lives are important and you need to cut the negativity and make good things happen.

5. Planning: Farming and growing crops requires a lot of calculations and planning. Similar is with our lives.

Below is a detailed conversation with Aplesh and things that he does on a day to day basis.

Tejas: Where did you learn about farming?

Aplesh: Farming has been the bread and butter of my family. I have seen my father and uncles working in the field and that’s how I also learned it too. It’s completely practical and unless you make your hands dirty by actually doing things, you cannot learn it.

Tejas: What are the most important tasks for the day?

Aplesh: Watering the crops, adding fertilizers are some of the daily chores. Where as, going into the fields and spending time with my crops is the most important part of a normal day.

Tejas: What inspires you to be a farmer?

Aplesh: I have done my Bachelor in Commerce from a college in Surat but in my heart I knew that I was meant to be a farmer. The lives connected to farming is  what inspires and attracts me towards this. (Seed, water, crop and the farmer)

Tejas: How long have you been a farmer for?

Aplesh: For more than 13 years now and I thoroughly enjoy it. I wouldn't have been happier doing anything else.

Tejas: Are electricity, water & other such commodities becoming more convenient?

Aplesh: Yes, these facilities are available to us at much ease now.

Tejas: How has modern technology helped you?

Aplesh: Technology is too costly and the break-even time is too high for us to invest in it. If the Government gives subsidies and makes amends to the policies, then the scenario may change.

Tejas: Is there better availability of water in your area these days?

Aplesh: It is better than before.

Tejas: Are you incorporating any irrigation techniques to increase productivity?

Aplesh: Not extensively. But we use RCC water pumps as it reduces the labour cost to a large extent. We also have approximately 25 kms of Finolex pipelines for irrigation.

So that was a little sweet encounter with a farmer from Gujarat. Till then keep sharing and keep exploring.


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