Caprese, Shangri-La Bengaluru: Italian Food in Bangalore you cannot resist

‘Shangri-La’ whenever this name comes up in conversations, I always end up referring Shangri-La as the “hottest hotel on the strip”. For a food lover (which most of us are deep inside), it offers some of the finest food experiences and leaves you with your mouth wide open :P both to relish the amazing flavours and the surprising elements which are magically programmed to leave you perplexed.

Caprese at Shangri-La Bangalore serves fine Mediterranean delights from seafood and traditional Italian favourites to some delightful platters. FYI, Caprese is a popular Italian salad that includes tomatoes, mozzarella and basil leaves as the prime ingredients. Popular believes say it was made to represent the colors of the Italian flag. Next time you are at Caprese, Shangri-La Bengaluru, don’t forget to ask the secret behind their name, they may have some interesting story for you.

Before I dig deep into the flavors, aromas and more stories related to Caprese. Here are some quick highlights:

Food (on the palate): 4.5
Food (to the eyes): 4.5
Food (thoughts behind): 4
Ambiance: 4.5
Luxury: 4
Operating Slots: Lunch, Dinner (Closed on Mondays)
Worth for Money: Yes
Must Tries: Paccheri Pasta, Cheese Selection, Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream
Overall Experience: 4.5

Caprese uses finest ingredients both sourced locally from regional vendors (to promote MakeInIndia they say) and imported from various parts of the world. The food plating if exotic, food is kingly and each course has something really unique to it and you will have a true ShangriLa Experience.

Now coming to some of the best Italian preparations, that you will not be able to find anywhere in Bangalore.

Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops

Imported New Zealand land grilled with select veggies and served with some fresh herbs and seasoning. The whole preparation was again half prepared inside the kitchen and half at the table.

Cheese Selection:

Don’t miss this exotic selection of cheese. Gorgonzola (Italy), Fresh burrata (Italy), Provolone (Italy) and the Manchengo (Spain). Eat it with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or just grate it on the food of your choice for the ultimate cheese experience. We had it with the specially crafted red wine Shangria’s.

Vegetarian Mezze platter: 

The vegetarian platter is quite huge and includes Hummus, mutabal, babaganoush, labneh with garlic muhammara, falafel, kibbeh, cheese fatayer. Mighty taste, colors and expression.

Calamares fritos:

A popular dish in Spain, calamares is widely consumed as fritos. Crispy on the outside and softer inside, these go perfectly well with the aioli sauce. A perfect appetizer with salty fish taste combined with the olive oil and garlic coming from the aioli gives a remarkable taste on the platter.

Tortilla de patata:

Spanish style omelette made with eggs and potato. This layered potato and egg omelette which is tender and fluffy is served across the country in Bars and Cafes as an appetizer. And as a light dinner in Spanish homes is what we figured while speaking to chef.

Paccheri pasta:

One of the Chef’s secret recipe, which he learned from his mom. Chef Antonio Tardi believes in balancing the food preparations with equal amount of visualization added. Hence, most of his preparations are about 70% cooked inside the kitchen and in-front of you on the table.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream

Liquid Nitrogen, Dry Ice and other such elements are increasingly becoming popular in culinary art. This appealing ice cream will leave you with the desire of having it.

Till then keep eating, keep exploring and keep sharing for the love of food!


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