Uncovering fusion food with Chef Narender Singh at Park Plaza Bengaluru

Whether you are eating a meal or celebrating a special event. ‘Melange’ understands your desire to serve delicious food that leaves you in awe. Melange, Park Plaza Bengaluru is a 24-hour dining restaurant that serves a delightful combination of traditional Indian and classic Western culinary styles.

True to its name, Melange offers a wide variety of food under the expert guidance of Chef Narender Singh a rare culinary jewel. Chef Narender has numerous feathers to his cap, has cooked for presidents of various countries and has bagged in numerous awards, recently adding the Hotelier India Awards- Chef of the Year 2015.

Fusion food is increasingly becoming popular among today’s food lovers. Below are some highlights from an exotic crafted menu at Melange during my recent visit:

Mushroom, Porcini cream soup with truffle foam with a dash of basil oil 

Porcini is the ruling class of mushrooms and the Italians love it (found this while researching about the dish), Porcini has a nice meat-like texture along with a distinct earthy and nutty flavor, this amazing soup made with porcini, topped with truffle froth and basil oil gave a different note to the preparation, “delicate” is the word that I would use to describe the experience.

Salmon Mousse with herbed garlic baguette

Salmon is a popular meat among the fish fanatics, has a mild creamy taste and melts in your mouth, Salmon mousse was something really exotic, had the right balance of flavors and texture, eating it with the annotation of herbed garlic baguette just added to the entire gamut of flavors.

Maple glazed roast turkey and steamed broccoli with garlic, water chestnuts and parmesan

I was really excited to savour this dish just because it read so amazing.

Tender and tasty, slow braised turkey glazed with maple sauce, steamed broccoli and water chestnuts along with parmesan made it a truly delightful selection for the main course. The sweet taste from the maple glaze and the mixture of fresh chestnuts and boiled broccoli gave it a unique taste.

Plum pudding with cognac sauce

Plum pudding is one of my favourites and nothing could have been more heavenly than adding some cognac sauce to it. The combined flavors of dark coffee, orange rinds and nuts was truly distinct and resonated the frequency it was supposed to, hitting the right sweet spots.

Love is the most critical component of any cook-off. And the same love reflected in the food prepared by Chef Narender Singh. An experience unique in itself.

Park Plaza Bengaluru has so much more on offer from the home grown herbs at ‘Shao’, to the North Indian delight ‘Saffron’ and much more. Till then keep eating, keep exploring and keep sharing for the love of food.


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