Devour authentic Rajasthani food at Sheraton Brigade Gateway

When we talk of Rajasthani food, there are names that are always listed on top. Laal maas, dal bati churma, ghevar are some of the signature dishes which are soul to the Rajasthani Cuisine.

There are a lot of places in Bangalore where you can find Rajasthani food and you should definitely try out the authentic food, flavours and aromas at the Sheraton, Brigade Gateway. Chefs from Le Meridien Rajasthan have flown in for to let us experience the taste of Rajasthan.

My favorites from the huge selection of delicacies were:

Dal Bati Churma: One of its kind, dal bati churma is a remarkable mix of flavours, the bati is baked balls of wheat flour which can have some filling or can be plain too. This bati is dipped in ghee and served with the dal. Churma is a sweet dish again made from coarsely grounded wheat.

My friends ask me, what is the right way to eat ‘dal bati churma’, I say there’s no right or wrong way to eat food, you just eat it according to your liking and taste. In this case, you can either mix all the three or savour each taste separately.

Laal Maas: As the name suggests this dish of lamb is prepared with a lot of chillies. Generously spiced, red hued, boldly flavored curries are a different beast during winters, just waiting for rotis to be dunked in or rice to be mixed.

A true favourite among the royalties, laal maas is cooked in different styles, with different selections of meat, different spice levels and time. Most popular being the hot spiced lamb cooked over low heat.

Gatte ka Pulao: Gram is a prominent ingredient in Rajasthani cooking as it grows in abundance. Gatte ka Pulao is specifically made on festive occasions when plain steamed rice is not served. Vegetables aren’t easily available so cooked gattas are added to spice up this pulao which is usually served with kadhi or plain curds.

Feast at Sheraton is a lavishly appointed global buffet restaurant with an a la carte restaurant inside an upscale hotel. Popular for its food festivals you can always be sure about good authentic taste.

Till then keep sharing, keep eating and keep exploring for the love of food.


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