Mix Radio: coolest music streaming app in the play store

Mix Radio has gained a lot of respect and popularity among the music enthusiasts. A truly amazing music streaming app for the GenX, Mix Radio comes in with a lot of interesting smart features that makes the entire musical experience a unique one.

Here’s some of the cool feature that makes Mix Radio different from other music streaming apps:

Learns what you like, plays new music you love

Mix Radio understands your music listening patterns and behaviors according to the tracks you play often, which you have liked etc. and based on these patterns gives back recommendations to music that you may love listening to. You’ll discover new music and old favorites – all custom built to your own personal taste, it uses technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to get this done. The more you listen, the better it gets.

Expert mixes by music professionals

The Mix Radio app has over 10000+ custom mix tracks from some of the most popular artists from all across the globe.

Your mixes are personalized and built based on what you like – so it’s even easier to find the music you love. Mix the latest chart hits and party sound tracks to genre specific mixes such as pop, rock, hip hop, soul and jazz. Or you can create your own artist mixes, and we’ll add in some similar artists we know you’ll love.

Listen offline for free

A really useful feature for the data conscious Indians. Like a song! Mix Radio allows you to take your favourite tracks offline so that you need not buffer them over again or even download it. Perfect for you travel needs. Need some workout tunes or party songs to rock the night? Download and keep up to 4 offline mixes at any time free of charge.

Choose from the mixes you’ve created for yourself and the ones we’ve created just for you. Just download and go!

Interface/ UI: 4.5
Latency: 4
Data Segregation: 4.5

Go ahead, Download, Play it loud and share your experience about this wonderful music streaming  app!


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