Breaking the foodberg, Café Mezzuna rolls in with some amazing flavors on offer

You must have come across food experiences that were just okay and experiences which you enjoy from your heart, you cherish them for long, speak to your friends about it, believe in living that experience again and again, so you try to tag along with friends, find reasons to revisit the place and relive the amazing time and food that you had there the last time.

Café Mezzuna is such a place.

As a food critic you often come across this very common question “What are some of your favorite places in the city to eat?”

For me the answer remains almost consistent and whenever a friend or publication asks me this one, I have a list of my own favs that I repeat over again. Café Mezzuna definitely is the newest addition to this list and I would have recommended this place to over 30+ friends by now.

Café Mezzuna started its operation from August and while speaking to the restaurant manager we came to know that the place has seen amazing response, people love the food and the place overall.
My take on food, beverages, ambience and the overall experience one can expect:

Food: Café Mezzuna serves some amazing food, all of which are very genuinely priced and is worth every penny that you spend. Below are some which I truly loved

Jerk spiced chicken pizza: If you are a thin crust fan and have tried pizzas across joints and restaurants in Bangalore (so called the over hyped ones) to find the perfect one. I am sure you would love the pizzas at Café Mezzuna. Ranged somewhere around 300-350 for a large one, Mezzuna knows how to make their pizza great. Piece of advice, do ask for some extra cheese and seasonal toppings for some extra delight.

Chicken and Cheese Mini Burgers: Mini burgers are not so mainline when it comes to be served at a restaurant and there are only few places in Bangalore who serve mini burgers. Believe me I think this is how burgers should be, one bite sized. They come along with some real crisp fresh made potato fries.

Grilled prawns skewers hot anchovy-garlic butter:  The plating was incredible, pan seared prawns dipped into a tangy spicy dip. What I loved about this dish was the way these prawns were seekhed. And didn’t lose its shape after being cooked. The image below will give you a clear idea.

Harissa grilled chicken skewers: Small chicken patties, barbequed, smoked and extra glazed for that amazing flavor, and texture.

Oven roasted mushroom tart, Scarmoza cheese balsamic: A fine delicacy for the vegans, the mushrooms were cooked in fine sauces and cheese.

Vanilla bean pannacotta seasonal fruits: Believe me or not, no exaggerations, Panacottas at Café Mezunna were one of the finest I have had so far. 

Beverages: Folks at Café Mezzuna have some beverages which they proudly vouch for.

CNC: The cucumber and cumin mocktail is truly refreshing and exotic. Sip it between your meals and it will cleanse all the flavors making you ready for experience the new set of food.

Wild berry Smoothie: Made using fresh black berries, the smoothie is amazing in taste. Piece of advice, ask your server to add little less ice.

Ambience: Fresh and earthy, Mezzuna in Japanese means green and the Café is also built on the wooden, earthy and green theme. The outer area called the Alfresco seats about 52 people and the inside is a closed space for more peaceful conversations and is ideal for lunch meetings.

For more amazing experience keep an eye on the space.

Till then keep eating, keep sharing and keep exploring for the love of food.


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