Chef Vivek Singh, nails it down with his Cinnamon Club Signatures at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

Experience rare culinary magic with Chef Vivek Singh, Executive Chef & CEO, The Cinnamon Club at the Indian restaurant Riwaz, Ritz Carlton Bangalore.

Chef Vivek Singh has a very unique approach when it comes to food and is amongst one of those early propagators of Indian flavours with the western culinary styles. His style of fusion food has been a major factor in redefining Indian food in the UK.

He has written numerous books, have made appearances in lots of shows related to food, MasterChef and BBC’s Saturday Kitchen being some of them.

If all of this interests you then here’s your chance to experience the food cooked by Masterchef Vivek Singh who has come down all the way from ‘The United Kingdom’ with his incredible signature dishes form the cinnamon club.

For me it was a very new experience, with flavours from India and cooking styles from the west perfectly infused together to make it a gastronomical experience. Some of the exotic signature dishes that blowed me away were:

Spiced Corn Soup: Smooth corn soup which was one of the favs among the American tribes, infused with Indian spices and served with deep fried okra strips. It was a true amaze and I was awestruck by the rich mix of flavours in it.

Clove Smoked Lion of Lamb with Rajasthani Corn Sauce: One of my favourite from the mains!! I couldn’t resist myself trying to explore more about this dish, did ‘Google it’ but nothing to be found. This is how exotic these dishes are probably, and I feel my mouth filled with water even when I am remembering it and trying to write about it.

If you are a foodie and love to experiment, then Ritz Carlton is the place you would want to be during this weekend. I am sharing the web link to make it easier for you to locate.

Carrot Halwa Spring Rolls: Isn’t the name really interesting and makes you want it like ‘right now’? Again a masterpiece creation from Chef Vivek Singh. Imagine carrot halwa inside a spring roll, paired with clove flavoured Ice cream. The tulsi leaf on the top made it even more interesting.

So don’t wait and don’t miss this amazing experience… I wouldn’t have if I were reading this.

Until next time keep eating, keep sharing and keep exploring for the love of food.


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