App Review – RedCooker: Happiness Tossed Up Daily

I almost completed writing the entire story, took a break to cook some nice chicken curry and phulkas. In my mind was wondering is the beginning of my story good enough to keep the growing ‘low attention span readers’ engaged.

First things first, RedCooker is a 5/5 food ordering service. Efficient, User Friendly, Great Food, Timely Delivery, What more do you want.

A glance - Online Food Ordering App 'Red Cooker':

The user Interface is very friendly, easy to use, no time lag, organized and minimal. Below is the sneak peek to the red cooker app.

User Interface:  Sleek icons, ease of accessibility, properly segregated information enables you to make quick decisions and order food faster.

Time Stamp: Fast and quick, I didn't experience any time lag when it comes to making a search from the menu or selecting delivery location or while switching tab panes.

Data Segregation: Organized and easy to locate.

Highlight: Unlike other food ordering apps/ services who work on the aggregator model, RedCooker prepares food at their own factory units. Redefining 'Takeaway food', RedCooker aims at revolutionizing the food service space by bringing gourmet and home-made food to your door-step.

Apart from the quality food prepared by chefs at RedCooker who have years of experience at 5-star hotels, RedCooker also aggregates housewives in each locality for their delicious range of home cooked food.

The love for food and the passion of bringing great food, great packaging & great delivery under one roof drove the trio (Rohan Patnaik, Amol Patil, Raghunandan B) the Co-Founders of RedCooker to come up with the concept.

The idea came about early this year, when the trio started aggregating housewives and started supplying meals to their friends (where the consumer had to pay for each meal everyday) and got insights into what is a “WOW” meal in the homemade food space.

Along with supplying great food to consumers, RedCooker gives a platform to the home-cooks to discover themselves as entrepreneurs. The RedCooker app focuses on engaging with consumers and indicates to them nutritional content of each offering. Real time tracking of orders and personalization of food are two features that the RedCooker team is working on building.

RedCooker serves some amazing food and there's a lot to explore. The app is available for download on Google Play for Android platform and will be soon available on the ios platform. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company plans to expand its operations to all the Metros and tier 1 cities in the next six months.

So people in Whitefield, Bangalore (for now), do use this app and I am sure you would love it.

Till then keep loving, keep sharing and keep exploring for the love of food.


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