American Rock’n’Roll & German ‘Oktoberfest’: The ‘Rocktoberfest’ at Hard Rock Cafe

At Hard Rock Cafe, Oktoberfest is not just about celebrating the world’s largest Volksfest. But it goes to a new melange of American Rock’n’Roll infused with month full of high octane music, amazing food, variety of international beers, shandy, beer cocktails and much more.

For those unaware, Oktoberfest is a beer festival that is held annually in Munich, Germany every year during the end of September till the first week of October. A folk festival where over 6 million people from all across the globe join together to celebrate food, music and travel.

The new menu at the Hard Rock Café is thriving and has a lot on offer for the food and music lovers out there. The fusion of two cultures American Rock’n’Roll and German ‘Oktoberfest’ is what makes it even more interesting.

Some of the lip-smacking food and cocktails that Hard Rock Cafe has on offer during the ‘Rocktoberfest’:

Apple Vodka Shandy: Shandy is beer mixed with a soft drink or fruit juice; popular in Western Europe and some other parts of the world, it is a favourite among people who love alcohol with a sweeter side. Shandies at HRC have a different twist as they are infused with vodka into and probably two glasses are enough to take you high.

If you want to try making this at home, just take some apple juice (around 300 ml), add approx. 2 -ounces of vodka and pour in around 300 ml of beer, Serve.

Maria Maria Coronita Corona:
This named so interesting that we couldn’t stop ourselves from indulging into the awesomeness. Woah! Huge sized margarita glass, so huge that you can invert a beer bottle into that. Fresh pulpy orange/ sweet lime with corona inverted into it. It was really mesmerizing and delightful looking at the drink itself and the taste was unique and worth every sip. A must try from the Rocktobrfest.

Coming to the great tex/mex food with incredible variations like the use of sesame seeds, char grilled smoked meat and more:

Jamaican Hotty Submarine: As soon as I describe this artful piece of food, I am sure you will google more about it. Here it goes ‘Char grilled smoked chicken frank stuffed subroll, topped with Jamaican spiced stir fried veg & tangy Cajun bbq mayo, served with spicy chilly fries’. Sounds interesting ain’t it.

L.A.Confidential Veg Burger: NO NO, nothing can remain confidential when you are at the Hard Rock Café. It’s just the name of this great preparation, A double decker, crispy vegetable patty & crusty potato patty layered with tangy spiced chipotle mayo served with smoky dip and chilli fries.

There’s a lot more to discover during the 'Rocktoberfest' that runs till the 8th of November. Don’t wait, just Hard Rock!

Till then keep eating, keep sharing and keep exploring for the love of food.


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