Sweet Endings: ITC Gardenia celebrates ‘Reve de Chocolat’

Chocolate is among one of the most exotic and widely accepted flavors across the world. I can hardly think of a place where people don’t know about or don’t eat chocolate.

Indulging in chocolate has always been a fond luxury to most. A rewarding experience during childhood, a bittersweet memory of a loved one, the perfect end to a meal - a blissful experience with every bite.
Cubbon Pavilion at ITC Gardenia presents “Sweet Endings”… A celebration of Exclusive Chocolate Desserts curated by the expert chocolatier Chef Arvind Prasad.  The flavours of chocolate are taken beyond just the desserts to a main and a starter as well.

The history of ‘Chocolate’ is also truly fascinating, some believe its origins to be from the lands of Mesoamerica, where cacao beans were fermented and served as an alcoholic beverage as early as 1400 BC. Spain was the other country that consumed a lot of chocolate, again in the form of beverages (here's an image from the past of a lady pouring chocolate) and they used to add honey or sugar to counteract the natural bitterness.  The machine pressed chocolate in solid form came only in the late 1850s and was called as the ‘Dutch Cocoa’.

Coming back to what’s on offer at ITC Gardenia in this chocolaty delight, Chef Arvind and Chef Ruby have curated the perfect chocolate spread ranging from chocolate cakes, mousse, single origin chocolate creations and a huge variety of other chocolate desserts. The scrumptious journey begins with a CHOCOLATE AMUSE BOUCHE and takes you through with the CHOCOLATE VERRINES, textured chocolate desserts served in individual portions.

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Must Have's: 

Raspberry Sacher: A rich fudgy cake that you would love to savor anytime. Relish the deep flavours of chocolate perfectly fused with the sweet and tart raspberry filling. Covered with huge chocolate walls it tastes heavenly and looks so beautiful on the plate. Really, what more could you want from your dessert?

Citrus Scented Chocolate & Hazel Nut Crunch Cake: A chocolaty, crunchy and oh-so decadent piece of cake with amazing flavors infused into it. Hazel nuts and chocolate mixed together is an amazing flavour in itself and the addition of a little citrus flavour made the entire dish something really different and unique.

Warm Cinnamon & Orange Chocolate Ganache: For those who don’t know, Ganache is a mixture of melted chocolate and cream that can be used as a glaze for pastries and desserts, a filling for cakes and for making chocolate truffles. And I must say Chef Arvind has really some out of the box chocolate desserts on offer. The flavour of cinnamon in the chocolate was really unique and paired well with the orange to give a truly mystical experience.

The expansive dinner buffet at Cubbon Pavilion is infused with this royal treat. Relish oodles of chocolate desserts as they enchant the senses. Multitudes of varied desserts, caringly designed are a visual treat whilst the smooth texture of chocolate blends seamlessly. The subtle aromas of the sweet delicacies are sure to be a sanguine delight. They satisfy the mouth-watering temptation as the notes of bitter, sweet, salty and sour speak through every delectable bite. The experience of chocolate will linger long after. 

Till then keep exploring, keep sharing and keep eating for the love of food.


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