It’s All A Tap That You Need, TapTech Headphones From Skullcandy

It’s a flood of devices in the market place and similar is the case when it comes to headphones, with so many variants and so many features to be compared upon. 

Have been using JBL for a long time now, what I felt really good about these new headphones ‘GRIND’ that Skullcandy has come up with; was the plush foam ear pads that delivers hours of wear time. 

Usually what happens with regular headphones is that they are often too tight or the material with which they are built isn’t flexible enough. As a result it builds pressure on your ears and you many feel a little pain on the outer rims of your ear. Many don’t realize it as we usually feel that it might be because of listening to music for long.

Look and Feel:

GRIND comes in multiple color variations to be chosen from white blue and black being some of the prime ones. Has a very trendy look and is really light weight when compared to other full bodied headphones be it form JBL or Philips. Has a transparent shell on the outside of the ear plugs, meant for the taptech detailed in the next section.

Unique Specs: 

Grind features an iconic design and has all the elements that make it a stylish gadget that doesn’t compromise on quality. 

The new TapTech technology which has been introduced by Skullcandy in GRIND makes music listening a truly neat experience. Enables you to control your music just using a simple tap gesture. 

Its light weight and durable metal headband construction + plush foam ear pads; not only gives it strength but makes the wear time longer for music lovers. 

The quality of audio is something that Skullcandy has been a leader in and to add the heavy bass, natural vocals and precision highs are pumped through powerful custom tuned REX40 drivers making the GRIND even better.


The Skullcandy GRIND is available at Rs. 2,999 (discounted price as on 17th July, 2015) only with Flipkart now. If you want to know more about this product, please leave your comments below would love to know your experiences.


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