launches ‘Fresho’: Fresh filter coffee range for its online supermarket is such a name in the eCommerce industry that even if we talk about them and what they are into, it would be a repetition of what media, PRs and the Wiki have already told enough about.

But for those unaware, is India’s largest online food and grocery store; with over 10,000 products, they sell products in categories like fruits, vegetables, grocery, meat, home and kitchen products and many more. They are growing at a very fast pace adding new products and exploring new market segments.

Indian eCommerce industry, which is at its peak today and is constantly moving towards ‘aquihiring’- looking for not just skilled people but innovative ideas as well. BigBasket continuing their trend of being innovative and expanding rapidly have recently come up with a whole new concept of ‘ground to order’ fresh filter coffee.

Ground To Order:  Its simple as it reads, the moment BigBasket gets a purchase order from a customer, a fresh slot of coffee beans weighing the exact amount as your order are sent to be grounded, packaged, and delivered within 24 hours at your home to give you the best and pure filter coffee possible.

Why? BigBasket envisions to provide a true supermarket shopping experience to its customers and so the entire idea of adding new products to the list. And a lot more is coming in.

Some quick research of the coffee industry took me to some interesting facts like 1) the market size for retail coffee is 1700 crore and is expected to grow at 20% 2) consumption of coffee for 2015-16 is estimated at 125,000 tonnes 3) Consumers in India are opting for the ‘real’ coffee rather than opting instant coffee.

During my conversation with the BigBasket Team I discovered that how quality is one of the critical aspects when it comes to user experience and to achieve the same they ensure that they deliver quality stuff, give a better purchase experience online and minimum time is taken to deliver any product to a customers’ home. To ensure the coffee they deliver is one of the worlds finest and makes excellent coffee each time, they have partnered with Classic Group who has a 160 years rich heritage in coffee production. The Classic Group has over 5 generation of coffee plantations in Chikmagalur and Sakleshpur, where all the coffee beans are produced with natural flora and fauna.

‘Fresho’ is available in 5 exotic flavours in two size of 100 and 200 gms pack sizes.

1. Dark Nectar - A delicately processed coffee with a naturally sweet flavor
2. Smooth Caramel - A unique coffee blend with a deep caramelized flavor
3. Exotica - A dark roasted, heavy bodied, great tasting coffee
4. Morning Dew - A beautiful blend with a touch of sweetness
5. Noir Crème - The rich, deep taste of mildly bitter coffee

I liked almost all the flavors Dark Nectar being the top one followed by Morning Dew and Exotica. Dark Nectar is the one which was the strongest of all and had a nice sweet flavor, something that you would love to have after your lunch, Morning Dew was something that would be great to start your day with.

Now an important thing that I found online and thought would be great to share with all of you is that the best time to consume coffee is between 10:00 am to 12:00 noon and between 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm as these are the time when the cortisol levels in the body reduces and caffeine can help balance this need.

With coffee becoming increasingly an important part of our lifestyles, consumers are looking for good quality products that do not make a hole in the pocket, is easy to buy/ access and is of good quality, BigBasket integrating all of these together is likely to make a mark.

Price Range: The price varies between Rs. 46 to Rs. 99 for a 100 gm pack.



  1. "best time to consume coffee is between 10:00 am to 12:00 noon and between 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm" The 10 to 12 are not favored by Tamilnadu residents. They need their coffee first in the morning.
    These flavors appear to be new. Need experimentation. That means small amount must be available for experimenting and then one can get larger amount

  2. is it available for chennai residents?

    1. will be launching Fresho Coffee in Chennai in about a month’s time. And sure we can sip our coffee anytime we want, I also prefer it in the morning, it's just something the internet tells us, end of the day its our choices. Cheers!

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  5. Nice article! I tried Fresho products, that is really too good. As the name says, their products are also fresh. I do prefer Happy Sale

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