‘App’-roaching the dining revolution: how mobile apps are changing the way we dineout

‘Let’s reserve a table for us at some decent place for tomorrow.’ This is what I could roughly make out during my conversation with her, while I was working on the presentation that had to be pushed to my client anyhow by today evening.

Google doesn’t offer much of help when it comes to suggesting good places to dineout is what I realized while making an effort to book a table for us online; and as a result what most people usually end up doing is calling up friends for advice and suggestions on an apt place based on individual experiences. Now how this is harmful is, you are relying on one single source of information and possibly putting a wonderful evening at stake, as your friends experience at the restaurant, dishes he would have ordered and other such things can be completely different from yours.

Technology is permeating our lives and changing how we live and work, and as per the recent surveys from deloitte, with the rise in penetration of smart phones and expansion of 3G Network in the country it is more likely to download around 9 Billion Apps in 2015. The innovation in app development now enables a mobile device to perform a lot of functions than just making phone calls and organizing emails, it acts like a navigator, a health monitor, a remote control and now to even booking a restaurant the easiest way you could imagine.

dineout now app

Thanks to technology that is making our lives easier, I just booked a table for us at Shiro, UB City using the new dineout app which a friend recommended to me when I asked about a fine place to dine in.

I did some quick research (something that I love doing) and found that the story at dineout is really exciting and how they want to bring a change in the industry, they began 4 years back as an initiative to connect diners with restaurants, and enable people to discover new places to eat, reserve a table, get deals and enjoy an unparalleled dining experience.

How it helps you:

1. Today a Dineout user gets around 30% discount on the bill 
2. Saves around 30 minutes of waiting time, every time

Dineout has recently launched their new app for Andriod and iOS with a completely new interface that makes it even more user friendly; and enabling them deliver amazing benefits like cash-backs, loyalty program, check-ins and discovery of new places to the end user.

What makes them different?

1. User experience and ease they offer, all you need to do is fill in 4-5 basic fields, like your location, no of people, date, time and an area of your choice in that city, the search queries you get are of the most recommended ones in that locality, aditionally you get an option to browse the current offers at the restaurant, ambience, pictures and the entire menu etc. to help you make a better decision.

2. Authenticity, you can be double sure about the reviews about any restaurant; as people who dine in after booking from the app or website can only leave a review, making the entire review process more reliable and trustworthy.

What’s really Interesting:  

The referral money that you collect by referring your friends, you can transfer it to your paytm wallet and use it for recharges, online purchase etc. 

So what’s holding you back? If you have already used dineout that’s really great and I would love to know your experiences in the comments below, else download the app and enjoy the multi benefits its offering and share your views and ideas. Until next time keep exploring and keep eating for the love of food.


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