PERi PERi - A spice so nice, they named it twice!

Nando’s is famous for its legendary butterfly-cut, flame grilled peri-peri chicken; an international dining restaurant chain originating form South Africa, to break this usual conception of Nando’s being a place for hardcore non vegetarians, they have recently launched an exciting new menu with a variety of new products along with a separate new Vegetarian Menu so that the vegetarian consumers does not have to read between the lines.

With the new menu, Nando’s has not only refreshed the category of casual dining through a better consumer friendly design but has added and improvised through a number of dining options with a strong focus on the vegetarian offerings which have been made by keeping in mind the Indian palate. 

To name a few black mushroom sweet chilli burger, pita and wraps; black mushroom grilled paneer burgers, wraps; classic veggie; veg espetada; something exotic are the fresh veg arrivals on their menu. Angry mango chicken burger, Moroccon chicken burger, grilled chicken tenders, no bones platter are some additions made to the non-veg spread which I can bet on that it will soothe your soul if you love food.

I recently had the opportunity to relish some awesome food at Nando’s and let me quickly run you through the dishes that you can’t miss when you are here; before that while all of us were enjoying the food this was running into my head “People who love to eat are always the best people in the world - Julia Child; but people who cook lovely food like the chicken wings at Nando’s are the best people in the world.”

My Favs:

1. Something exotic: A unique combination of watermelon and paneer kebab, which have been marinated overnight to give it the perfect flavor. It’s a really interesting combo as the fruit with paneer gives a totally different texture to the flavours and doesn’t let paneer dominate over the dish. A must try for veges.

2. Peri peri chicken wings: Fiery and hot on the outside, juicy inside. Peri-peri chicken wings come with your custom choice of the spice level you want (mild, hot, extra hot). The perfect flame grilled chicken at Nando’s is something which I would definitely recommend to everyone who’s done with eating regular kebabs and grills.

3. Black mushroom and grilled paneer burger: If you have a low appetite I would say you take someone along with you coz this is a huge sized burger that has the capability of fulfilling your entire days need for calories :) And if you begin with this I am afraid you won’t be able to eat much; actually that pretty neat for Nando’s as you will go there again to try out other amazing dishes.

The PERi- PERi Story:

Many centuries ago our Portuguese forefathers set sail for new lands. After months on the high seas they were called ashore by the winds of East Africa. Here they were introduced to the fiery little African Bird’s Eye Chilli which we now know as PERi-PERi. A spice like no other, it put fire in their bellies and ignited passion in their hearts! To this chilli they added a handful of herbs, a squeeze of fresh lemon and a touch of garlic. Their love for life, friends, fun and good food had created the first Gosto Delicioso (great taste) of PERi-PERi sauce.

Today their recipe remains a closely-guarded secret. But what’s no secret is that the traditions of hospitality, friendship and simple family pleasures, are ones that you can find at Nando's actually an inspiration for other restaurants.

So if you are planning a weekend dedicated to some awesome food, you know where to go. Do leave your thoughts once you have explored the delicious food at Nando's. Till then keep eating, cooking and spreading greatness for the love of food.


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