Redefining house parties with live BBQ – Atmosfire

Shruti we have celebrated your birthday so many times outside… let’s do something different this time…

What can we do?? asked Shruti.

Should we host a house party with all our folks and make it a grand one…
But how will we manage to cook for so many people?

Umm yes! Forget cooking, that can somehow be managed, cleaning stuff post party would be a great headache my dear... and its really time consuming and tiring.

What are you discussing? asked Rohit as he walked inside.

Oh we are planning to do something really grand at Shruti’s birthday like a huge get together for all of mine and her friends.

Oh man! then I think that I have the perfect answer for you!! exclaimed Rohit.

Do you want to try a whole new party experience, I know you love barbeque and you would love the new party concept that Atmosfire has come up with.

At Atmosfire, they call themselves the party makers. Throwing a party is no longer hard work. This unique concept is brought in by Barbeque Nation the pioneer of live grills in India. Atmosfire 'a brain child of Barbeque Nation' brings to Bangalore fun, food, fire and friendship together and takes care of all the party needs. All you need to do is just pick your phone and Dial-a-BBQ.

It combines fabulous barbecues with fascinating themes and captivating entertainment to create a party no guest will ever forget. They take care of everything, from cooking the finest food for you, to making cocktails to co-ordinating different vendors for each aspect of the party.

What’s even more interesting is that you can host a barbecue party at a place of your choice or at venue provided by Atmosfire called the ‘Celebration Pit’. They have a fascinating range of themes to choose from. We can also choose the kind of entertainment they want. The Celebration Pit can accommodate & host a party for 25 to 150 people and is at two places Indiranagar and Electronic city in Bangalore.

OMG! They are so awesome I can talk so much more about them. Okay let tell you some of my favorites at Atmosfire.

Caribbean Jerk chicken

Coastal BBQ Fish

Tandoori Quail

Moroccan Char mole Prawns

Tomato Balsamic Bruschetta

Arabian Kafta Mutton

Shark’s Steaks with pineapple mojo

Punjabi Bharma Aloo

With a huge range of both vegetarian and non vegetarian barbecues and choice of over 100 grilled dishes and a full course buffet you are likely to be eating more than you do usually.

All of these sound so amazing Rohit, How much do they charge??
Oh they are pretty reasonable, for all the ease and luxury they bring along they charge just Rs. 450 + taxes for the Non-Veg Food Package ‘Meat Treats’ and the veg package ‘Veg with an Edge’ at Rs. 350 + taxes. So damn cheap isn’t it.
Shruti get me my phone, I am dialling in for the barbeque party right away and I’m sure all of our friends are gonna love it.


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