Must have Cocktails at the ‘DISTRICT 6’ Bangalore

Have you been thinking partying? Are cocktails the ones that excite your senses? And you are really bored from common party spots in Bangalore then ‘DISTRICT 6’ is the place you have been looking for.

High on energy and high on moods, people at ‘DISTRICT 6’ ensure you have the best times be it a regular hangout day or any special celebration. In this post of mine I will take you through the making of ‘Wellington Island’ one of the best cocktails at ‘DISTRICT 6’ the purveyors of fine German beer, cocktails and food. And a few others that you cant miss when here.

Have you ever thought of how cocktails came into existence and the first cocktail ever made, according to historians the first cocktail ever made was in 1586 near Havana, with mint, lime, bark from the chuchuhuasi tree soaked in rum and cane sugar which was named as ‘dubbed EL Draque’ and the term ‘cocktail’ as they drank this concoction from a long spoon with cock tail handle. Sounds so interesting ain’t it.

Made from fresh natural ingredients, the perfect mix of the base with other ingredients and the correct shake time makes you can feel the same spirits in cocktails at ‘DISTRICT 6’

Wellington Island

Vodka based Wellington Island has mint, kiwi and lime as other components of this wonderful drink, kiwi a popular fruit from Wellington, New Zealand and so the name.  If you are an explorer and like kiwi then Wellington Island is the choice to make.

Below you can see Wellington Island when …it’s all in the making!

It is really unique kiwi based cocktail when you compare it with other kiwi based cocktail drinks like kiwi Collins, kiwi Caprioska, Kiwi Basil Gin and others. The mint and lime makes it really refreshing and the fresh crushed kiwi gives it the flavour making a perfect drink suitable to be consumed any time.

Kentucky Bourbon

Corn based Bourbon has been distilled since the 18th century and is mostly produced in southern America. Purists may tell you that adding even a drop of water will ruin the whiskey’s flavour, but believe me you will stop believing in such myths after you have tried the Kentucky Bourbon.

With Green Apple, Rosemary and lemon being the prime components Kentucky bourbon is a whiskey based cocktail, one of the finest you can find in any of the pubs in Bangalore.

Watermelon Basil Martini

Vodka based watermelon basil martini is a really refreshing and light drink that you can have while eating food also, over the year’s martini has become one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. For a perfect martini drink fill a cocktail shaker with ice, little bit of lemon juice, vodka/gin and pour the watermelon juice that you have made by squeezing watermelon in a cheese cloth or a strainer so that it’s thick and has the fruits pulp.

Basil as a topping gives to the cocktail gives it the weak coumarin flavour, making the entire combo even more interesting.

So now when you plan for a cocktail party and are looking to explore a new amazing place, you should try out DISTRICT 6. There’s a lot more on the list to be written about and a lot more new experiences to be shared…

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