Unboxing the famous ‘chaat’ and secrets within!

Think of this, after working for hours in the same old office as everyday, you are traveling back to your home, traffic is killing you from within, sucking the last drops of energy left in you and then charismatically a tangy aroma from a roadside chaat shop refreshes your mood.

All the stress flushes down and all that runs in your head is to jump out of the car and enjoy the mesmerizing flavors of mouth watering tamarind, mint chutney, curd, sev, coriander leaves, perfect spices and other delighting ingredients.

Eating roadside is a delight in its own, the taste of good food with the mix of lovers walking hand-in-hands, buses rushing the roads and everyone else busy in their own life just makes it perfect.

From the streets of North India to making a mark on the international platter, Its believed that chaat was born in the royal mughal kitchen during Shah Jahan was the emperor. According to old sculptures, when the mughal emperor fell ill, he was to eat food which was light on the stomach and high on spices to strengthen the immunity. And so the chaat was discovered.

With the influence of culture, foreign influences and other such factors, new flavors were added to make one of the most popular snack even more tastier, Chaat was modified many times over, modifying its entire original taste. It then went on to becoming a pan Indian sub-continental food phenomenon.

The wikipedia defines, ‘Chaat’ as a term describing savory snacks, typically served at roadside tracks from stalls or food carts in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. With its origins in North India, it has become an immensely popular dish in South Asia. A few of the most popular ones are samossa chaat, papri chaat, fried aloo tiki chaat, Chana Chaat and many more.

Making a healthy and tasty chaat or the food business today unlike any business is all about innovation and to our delight chefs, moms and the roadside bhaiya have been really truly innovative in finding new versions of the recepie. Idli chaat, masala peanut chaat, chatpati cone chaat, katori chaat and many more.

I couldn’t figure out how to conclude this post. All I’m gonna say is Eat healthy, Live Healthy. 

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