Food that you can’t afford to miss in Indiranagar: Oye Amritsar

Mughlai is one of most liked cuisines in India not just because of its rich delicacy and imperial taste, its because it is royal and connecting. Today I am sharing some of the best food you can have on your platter when talking authentic mughlai cuisine in Bangalore.

After a really fun day at wonderla resorts, I along with a couple of my friends decided to have dinner outside, usually we cook at home (Yeah we are bachelors and we love food like most of you do…)

A balanced order trying to keep the calories low, this is as it flows:

1. Paneer tikka
2. Chicken Kukkadwala
3. Butter Naan
4. Lassi and Jalebi for desserts
5. Masala Papad and Dahi Boondi

The paneer tikka was perfectly roasted, it had the proper blend of spices and was served hot ‘n’ sizzling that you can still hear the crackling sound of the butter that the chef had put for extra aroma and taste, Punjabis never feel shy putting that extra scoop of butter.

Second comes the ‘Chicken Kukkadwala’ and believe me or not this was one of the best chicken that I have had in Bangalore till now. Truly speaking I didn’t have any idea how it would look or taste like and we just ordered it. We do it most of the times, when exploring a new restaurant, just speak to the chef and figure out what’s best in for us depending on what cuisine we have chosen.

The dish was served along with extra dabbed butter naan(s) and the aromas were just mesmerizing. ‘Chicken Kukkadwala’ is kind of chicken curry with double layers of omelette cooked in the pan. So the base of the flat utensil in which it was served had omelette, in the centre was boneless chicken cooked to perfection and finally topped with omelette again, really juicy all around.


Finally came in the extremely great lassi, taste that you can correlate to lassi you get back there at Chandigarh, I had been there a couple of times and so the correlation. Jalebi is something which is popular all across northern India and is served with different combinations like ‘Jalebi and puri’; ‘Jalebi and hot milk’; ‘Jalebi and rabri’ and many more. We had ordered Jalebis with Rabri and nothing could have been a better dessert after an awesome meal we had.

How do you like your chicken? Have you ever tried adding that extra omelette? What  flavours of lassi have you experimented with?

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